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Interview: Lt. Governor Tejinder Khanna of New Delhi

Women in Profile-_Kiran Bedi: India's highest Woman Law Enforcement Officer and Awards Winning Reformer. Empowerment of Women through facilitation of Self Help Groups and prison care programs for women and their children, Drug rehabilitation programs and providing education at the grass roots through Gully schools.
Women in Profile-_Leila Seth: India's first High Court and State Supreme Court Justice. Facilitating judicial reforms for women and the aged.
Women in Profile- Anjali Gopalan: Providing a platform for sex, sexuality and sexual health related topics and facilitating support groups for homosexuals. Enabling access to Health care services for persons affected by HIV/AIDS and Care Home for affected children. Project 'Goal': Empowering women through sports.
Women in Profile- Ranjana Kumari: Founder, CSR. President- Women Power Connect, national body of womens' organizations. Advocating for Gender Justice and successfully lobbying to reform women's laws in India.

Men in Profile- Mr. S.D.Sharma: A Nanogenarian associate of Mahatma Gandhi fighting against Corruption in Government using Gandhian Satyagraha.
Men in Profile- Mr. Arvind Kejriwal: Raman Magasaysay Winner for Public Reform fighting against Governmental Corruption using "Right to Information."