Charu Saxena combines her eastern and western experiences to bring together people and solutions. This site is her platform for exchange of ideas, issues and solutions across cultures and geographic boundaries, with its pilot project Maine to New Delhi now online. One of the main objectives and outcomes of her project is to understand Local and Global issues and work towards GLocal Partnerships for mutually beneficial solutions. She believes in short term plans that fuel and feed into a longer term vision.

This site is the culmination of an effort of more than two years by Charu Saxena, an IT professional, educator, policy writer and also a radio producer, and began as an extension of the articles she was writing for her local newspaper highlighting issues from India to Maine. Very quickly the project evolved- not just centering on people and their lives but on how people are dealing with and understanding common and sometimes culturally and politically unique issues on two opposite ends of the globe. In today's globally connected world, this project is now a platform for people to share ideas, experiences and solutions from across the world. This first pilot is from Maine to New Delhi, two places that the author knows well.

The result is based on interviews from about two hundred people who belong to diverse strata and age groups in the two societies and their experiences and viewpoints on varying topics: From Education to Women to Ageing to Outsourcing to the Iraq war to Enviroment to Legislation to Homelessness and Corruption amongst a few others.

The author's heartfelt Thanks to Maine Humanities Council for their grant for the initial project as well as the Community Outreach Grant for the Public Event on May 24th, 2010. Her gratitude and thanks to Shonna Milliken Humphrey at Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance for her belief in the author and for her sponsorship of the Event. Author's Thanks also to Kent Ryden at American and New England Studies for his initial sponsorship of the project. Author's heartfelt gratitude and thanks also goes to Beth Marshall of GravenImageDesign who has so generously donated her time and creativity to making this site become human friendly! Author's heartfelt thanks also to her friend and colleague Jessica Lockhart who spent so much of her time helping the author to produce her first Radio Story. Especially though, author Charu Saxena's gratitude and thanks go to all the people who believed in her and her project to come forward and share their time, stories, lives or experiences. Thank You.